Facebook Member Stats – An Update

November 23, 2007

A number of people have pointed out to me that it is actually possible to not select your gender on Facebook (something I was unaware of I must admit). So, I re-ran the numbers and checked specifically for ‘male’ and ‘female’ (not just the difference between male and the total, which I’d wrongly assumed were female!).

The stats are in the picture below. Click to enlarge it. Still a great percentage of females, but a lot of unspecified genders. I wonder if these represent inactive or unused profiles? I mean, if you were a regular user, with Facebook friends, there’s a pretty good chance you’d specify your gender. Anyway, here’s the upate:

Updated Stats

Exercise for the Reader: Facebook Member Stats

November 22, 2007

[Update: before you get too far into these numbers, you might like to check out this updated post, which gives a more accurate breakdown of genders – the country totals remain the same]

Out of interest I went through the Facebook ad platform to pull together some stats on relative numbers of members from each country. Not surprisingly, the US represents over 40% of the total membership at just over 18 million. Some surprises though (at least to me), with Turkey in 5th place.

There’s quite a heavy bias to the ladies too, with female members making up just over 63% of the total population.

I’m not able to see what criteria FB uses to present these numbers, so these may be members with just a basic profile, or those who have also filled in some additional personal details too.

Full picture is below. Click on the image to open up so that you can see all the data.

[update – see my comment in the comments too 🙂 ]

Facebook Member Stats