Speaka Da Lingo?

October 5, 2007

Every country has its own way of playing with the language. Local sayings, abbreviations and diminutives play a part in every culture. After three years living in Australia I can safely say that there is a national talent here for it. If you can substitute words, or even better shorten a word and add ‘ie’ or ‘o’ to the end you’ll be talking like a local in no time.

See how many of these Australianisms you can translate (if you’re not Australian. If you are, well that’s too easy 🙂 ):

barbie, postie, dero, abo, kindie, chrissie, relies (or relos), bummos, garbo, ute, swimmers, boardies, cossie, tinny, stubbie, bottleo, cab sav, sav blanc, sav, thongies, circle work, arvo, sanger, chook, schooie, doco, pressie, salvos, ambos, firies, bikie, chockie, daks, grundys, dunny, pokies, esky, munchies, scratchy and veggies.

According to people like Professor Rolly Sussex, an expert on languages, there are more than two thousand of these sorts of words in the Australian language!

And if the word is too short, why not add more syllables to it? When I call an Australian friend of mine here, rather than “Hi Paul”, he always answers:

“Paulosiosanobasausageoff! How you going mate?”

Work that one out if you can!