Kudos Mr Grelis

October 8, 2007

You may recall a post I made a couple of weeks back regarding the annoying ‘Easy Off Bam’ advert and Martin Grelis? Well, imagine my surprise when I received a comment today about that post from Mr Grelis himself!

Fully expecting to get a blast from Mr G, he was instead very gracious and took my comments in good spirit. Nice one fella!

If there’s a better way to prove my point about not flipping the Grelis switch, I don’t know what it would be!

Still don’t like the ad (sorry Martin!), but glad Mr G turned out to be a decent sort.

Geek TV

October 2, 2007

Somewhat against my better judgment I have been watching ‘Numbers’ on TV (when it was working). For those who don’t know, it’s a show about how maths (or ‘math’ if you’re American) can be used to solve complex crimes.

I’m a bit of a geek, so I kind of like these shows even if they are mostly a parade of hocus-pocus crapola. I do wonder though how many other ways there are of making hopelessly boring jobs look cool and sexy? Ever noticed in CSI how even the simple act of filling a test-tube is made to look like the equivalent of a nerd-porn video?

What’s next I wonder?

“Chess club – Kings Of Crime”
“Ladies Lawn Bowls Detectives”
“Stephen Hawking and the Knights of Physics”

Actually, I’d like to see Stephen Hawking play the return of Davros, but that’s another story….

The Sound of Silence

September 28, 2007

My TV broke last night 😦 I was tapping away on the laptop and the sound was still going, but when I looked up my poor TV was sat there looking at me with a blank black face. No picture.

I tried every trick that I knew to bring it back to life (rebooting, hitting it, cursing and trying to stare it out). Nothing.

Part of me is quite cross, but the inner geeky techie boy is kind of relishing the thought of having to buy a new toy. I’m trying to keep that part back (think of the money!), but I know deep down it’s useless to resist. I feel like I have devils on both shoulders.

So, a large part of my work day so far has been spent ‘researching’ new TVs on the ‘net. I have the feeling I’m going to end up with something that looks like Roy’s setup in the IT Crowd (massive TV in a tiny apartment. Nose 6 inches from the screen!).

I wonder if I could revert to a TV-less monastic lifestyle?

Nope. It’s too quiet and spooky without the old haunted goldfish bowl glowing away in the corner. Hand me my my credit card!

Creative Deleting Part II

August 18, 2007

Just noticed an unintended instance of creative deleting. News item about the current stock market woes featured a spokesman from Standard and Poor. Unfortunately they’d positioned him in front of their logo so it read ‘Stand and Poo’. Hehe.

Stand and Poo

Well, I did say I was easily amused 🙂