The Sound of Silence

September 28, 2007

My TV broke last night 😦 I was tapping away on the laptop and the sound was still going, but when I looked up my poor TV was sat there looking at me with a blank black face. No picture.

I tried every trick that I knew to bring it back to life (rebooting, hitting it, cursing and trying to stare it out). Nothing.

Part of me is quite cross, but the inner geeky techie boy is kind of relishing the thought of having to buy a new toy. I’m trying to keep that part back (think of the money!), but I know deep down it’s useless to resist. I feel like I have devils on both shoulders.

So, a large part of my work day so far has been spent ‘researching’ new TVs on the ‘net. I have the feeling I’m going to end up with something that looks like Roy’s setup in the IT Crowd (massive TV in a tiny apartment. Nose 6 inches from the screen!).

I wonder if I could revert to a TV-less monastic lifestyle?

Nope. It’s too quiet and spooky without the old haunted goldfish bowl glowing away in the corner. Hand me my my credit card!