Where’d He Go?

January 9, 2008

Oops. Christmas. New Year, time away from the laptop. Funny how time flies and all that. I am still here, just ‘easing’ myself back into the New Year (well, more like I am catching up with real-life). Normal service will resume very shortly.

Blog Paused ||

November 8, 2007

.. family visiting at the mo, which is consuming my time 🙂 Normal service will be resumed shortly.

Service (mostly) Suspended

August 22, 2007

Hello grapple fans. I am currently in Indonesia, so things will go dark for a couple of weeks. See you back in September!

Whatever happened to? (part 1) ..

August 14, 2007

.. white dog poo?

Post 1

August 13, 2007

Hello! Welcome to post number one. This post doesn’t actually say anything except ‘welcome’. It seemed kind of rude to jump straight into things without some form of introduction. So, here it is: ‘hey’ : ‘how you doing’ : ‘wilkommen’ : ‘good to meet you’.

Ok, are we done with the pleasantries? Excellent, now to business 🙂