Bing Lee and the Escalator of Crushing Disappointment

August 14, 2007

Forgive me for getting a little too ‘local’ here, but have any of you been up to the Bing Lee store in Pitt Street? Every time I go there (and I guess by now I really should have learnt my lesson) I come away crushed by my failure to find any of the items I’ve set out for.

Going into a shop and coming out empty-handed isn’t exactly a novel experience, but I think what heightens my false expectation here is the long escalator ride you have to take to get up to the store. You head slowly up two or three floors on the one enclosed escalator, past pictures of happy smiling people with the latest and greatest gadgets. As you ascend, your mind fills with endless wonders of tech greatness just waiting for your hard-earned dollars.

As if to heighten the tension you then have to go up a second mini-escalator before you reach .. the temple of electronic dreams!

And then .. *crash* .. the reality hits as you recognise that – once again – they are out-paced technically by the 2002 Target catalogue, at twice the price. Genius!

Or maybe I’ve just summed up Sydney shopping for us of a geeky disposition?