Urban Crapoflauge

October 23, 2007

“Ladies – do you get worried leaving the office after dark? Scared to walk the streets at night? Afraid to venture out into the urban jungle?

Well now your fears are over! Why worry about mace, tasers, self-defense classes and loaded weapons when you can .. disguise yourself as a vending machine!”

Vending Machine

Yes, our friends the whacktastic Japanese have come up with another piece of genius. Using all the skill and cunning of the ancient ninja, you can blend into the scenery in a flash with this cunning transformable outfit!

I would imagine that in the time it takes to change you’ve already been hit over the noggin’. Either that or your short-sighted attacker is going to wonder why his bottle of Pocari Sweat hasn’t appeared and start kicking the ‘machine’.

He’d have to be pretty short-sighted not to notice the feet sticking out the bottom in the first place!

I love this stuff though. There’s a whole art form to the Japanese un-useless invention called Chindohgu and plenty of books on the subject, including this one.

I’d like to see more of these on the New Inventors or Dragon’s Den!