Pizza Cake

September 27, 2007

Having been on a diet of mostly alcohol and kebabs for the past three weeks my waistline is getting rather sumo-esque. Luckily my visiting friends have returned home to Hong Kong so there’s a reasonable chance I might be able to fit back into my trousers at some point soon.

Not so for this fellow though. Weighing in at a very generous 900lbs (64 stone or 408Kg if you prefer), Slimboy Fat from Michigan had to be lifted from his house via crane to be taken to hospital. To cut the guy some slack, he did suffer from Prader-Willi Syndrome, which might sound like some sort of penile related disease, but is in fact a disorder whereby you are constantly hungry.

Apparently he hadn’t left the house in four years. I’m assuming he couldn’t leave the house. Which makes you wonder: how did his family not notice?

“Gee Billy-Bob, looks like you’re putting on a few extra pounds there”.

The guy was 400Kg!

Over 100Kg is large. 200Kg is huge. 400+ must be like watching fully grown quintuplets fighting in a king-size bed sheet! Did it sneak up on them? Did the family head off one night and come back the next day to find he’d ordered 500 deep-crust pizzas and a tub of weight-gain 4000?

Final word to the brother: “I am going to cross my fingers, and hopefully he can get on some exercise program,”

I recommend this lady …

Fat Fighters