Facebook Member Stats – An Update

A number of people have pointed out to me that it is actually possible to not select your gender on Facebook (something I was unaware of I must admit). So, I re-ran the numbers and checked specifically for ‘male’ and ‘female’ (not just the difference between male and the total, which I’d wrongly assumed were female!).

The stats are in the picture below. Click to enlarge it. Still a great percentage of females, but a lot of unspecified genders. I wonder if these represent inactive or unused profiles? I mean, if you were a regular user, with Facebook friends, there’s a pretty good chance you’d specify your gender. Anyway, here’s the upate:

Updated Stats

23 Responses to Facebook Member Stats – An Update

  1. […] Member Stats [Update: before you get too far into these numbers, you might like to check out this updated post, which gives a more accurate breakdown of genders – the country totals remain the […]

  2. Nishu says:

    I wonder how many people are really regular users at facebook ..
    most of the profiles are spam and other profiles are just created and never being used.
    Spammers never mind to mention their gender

  3. […] Blogger collected the facebook gender stats of the top countries using facebook and published them on his blog. Since Facebook is the most […]

  4. […] to TechCrunch, a blogger named Paul Francis and user data collected by an advertiser tool, South Africa is in the top 10 countries of active […]

  5. […] Paul Francis, author of Travels With My Overnight Bag, segmented Facebook users by male / female and country a couple of days ago.  TechCrunch picked this up, proclaiming that 2/3 of Facebook users are female.  However, a number of individuals noted that some Facebook users leave gender unspecified on the profile.  Francis redid his table to show the data more accurately. […]

  6. Pete says:

    I didn’t bother selecting my gender because it should be pretty obvious from my name.

  7. andreawodtke says:

    To Nishu:

    I’ve never seen a spam profile on Facebook. I wouldn’t say that most of the profiles are spam. Unless you have some real data to prove that…

  8. […] is all about women talking!  That is the basic findings of a blogger called Paul Francis, who has just build a dataset of users in different […]

  9. […] way this is currently being demonstated is on Tim’s blog.  You can only comment if you already know Tim and have the FOAF settings to prove it.  This […]

  10. Helmut says:

    i think you made a mistake. your numbers seem to be age “18 to any”, not “any to any”. as a result, number of members would increase to nearly 50millions.

    best regards

  11. Rob Leathern says:

    Nice work pulling these stats out of Facebook, tedious work indeed.

  12. […] are approximately 6.6 million registered users on FaceBook who are from Canada. This means that almost 1 in 5 Canadians use this social media website. A recent survey suggests […]

  13. HeavyGod says:

    Really good and really interesting post. I expect (and other readers maybe :)) new useful posts from you!
    Good luck and successes in blogging!

  14. […] For all you Facebook Marketer’s out there, these stats are an absolute must to read. Paul Francis’ article on Facebook Demographics. […]

  15. […] to our hero, Paul Francis, we find a slightly modified breakout of the stats in his update post, where we learn that while 1/3 of Facebook users clearly identify themselves as men (ok, girlie men […]

  16. Nishu says:

    I have seen many spam profiles .. I would try to locate some data about it .. but I wonder how will a non-human ..recogniz smtng as spam or not

  17. […] Facebook mainly women, US, UK, Canada Great data here, this graph (click on image to see full size) indicates a breakdown of self-identified Facebook users, most […]

  18. […] took a look at the Facebook countries stats, and it got me curious about possible correlation between Internet users and Facebook users, so I […]

  19. […] » Data on Facebook members by market & gender can be found here. […]

  20. Before realizing somebody had done this before, I did the same calculations based on today’s data. The numbers are climbing… I broke down the number of users under 18 vs users over 18, and I also graphed the country GDP vs Facebook’s market penetration. You can find the graphs and the original Excel spreadsheet here:


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