How To Deal With a Naked Sleepwalker

October 26, 2007

Travelodge night desk staff in London have recently been issued instructions on how to deal with naked sleepwalkers: keep a towel handy (Douglas Adams was clearly right about towels).

Apparently there has been a rise of 700% in the number of sleepwalking incidents at Travelodge over the past year (although there’s no mention of what the actual numbers are). According to the report the majority are men, often trying to check out or believing they are running late for meetings. Stay off that late-night cheese I say!

A few months ago there was what I can only assume to be a sleepwalking woman knocking at the door of our apartment at about 3:00am. She had her pyjamas on, which I was very glad of given she wasn’t entirely attractive, but it was all quite spooky. I didn’t want to open the door in case she was a mad axe murderer, but I could see her through the spy-hole. She sort of stood there swaying about a bit, looking – not surprisingly – dozy and half-asleep whilst periodically tapping at the door. After about five minutes she turned around and disappeared back into the lift.

I didn’t sleep well after that, it was all a bit too much like something out of Supernatural!

If only I’d had someone from Travelodge there with me – they would have been ready, towel in hand, to escort her back to bed.

Anyone got any sleepwalking stories?