September 7, 2007

Sydney is in the midst of the OPEC, err APEC, conference right now. Lots of security of course, the ‘great wall’ of Sydney security fence, and 20 car cavalcades for Mr Bush and co (who, by the way, managed to bring 250 staff with him!).

It’s all been quite serious on the harbour, with police boats and jetskis zooming around; helicopters with searchlights are hovering overhead, which looked really cool last night when it was quite misty.

Today was an APEC public holiday, so I think most people took the opportunity to head out of town, resulting in something of a ghost town. Apparently tomorrow is the big day for those up for a bit of a protest. I’m kind of tempted to head in and take some photos, but don’t really fancy ending up on some intelligence database. Perhaps I could wear a disguise: a long beard and turban perhaps? Oh, no wait, the Chaser boys already tried that one.

Ooo, where’s my tin foil hat? In the middle of writing this, my PC just crashed … yikes, they’re on to me! Better publish this quick.

Hey, what’s that red-dot on my chest ….

He Shoots, He Scores!

August 19, 2007

I see that the Prime Ministerial hopeful Kevin Rudd is in a bit of trouble here for a boys night out at a ‘Gentlemans’ club in New York.

Kevin Rudd

The visit to Scores nightclub happened a few years back, when Mr Rudd and friends were allegedly evicted for some naughty behaviour (although he claims memory loss on that particular point).

Lots of noise in the press here about it, but I actually think it’s kind of cool. I reckon that if you canvassed most people on the street they’d probably say the same thing. At least it shows he’s a normal bloke, capable of letting the old hair down, going out getting lashed and pushing on a bit late.

Somehow I can’t imagine Mr Howard and Mr Bush down Men’s Gallery during the upcoming APEC conference.

Given the way things are going, I’m sure that if someone mentioned a ‘happy ending’ to Mr Bush he’d be right there though.

If you notice a bunch of sunglasses wearing guys in black suits and earpieces outside Chequers in a couple of weeks, don’t say I didn’t warn you 🙂