Out West

I’m currently in Perth for a couple of days. Coming from the UK, where a one hour flight is long, there’s always something a little strange about getting on a plane for 5 hours and still hearing “g’day mate” when you get off at the other end!

I did think I’d have the flight from hell; with a small child behind me and a young couple next to me who wouldn’t stop kissing (ugh – get a room!). Luckily, the flight was ok – turns out the girl from the kissing couple was on her first ever flight and it was kind of cute to see someone who was still amazed by the whole thing. It was a little bumpy into Perth and she couldn’t stop herself laughing like a kid on a swing. When we landed, she was stunned to be all the way over in Western Australia 🙂

Having spent far too much time in airports and on flights recently it was nice to see someone not weighed down with the pain of security, cramped seats and crappy food. Wouldn’t it be great to get back to that again?

Yeah, I know .. we can but dream …


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