Creative Deleting

August 16, 2007

They say that simple things please simple minds, which is probably why I am always amused to see creative deleting on warning notices, public signs etc.

Creative deleting? Let me give you an example:

[spotted on the London Underground]
Original message: “blocking the doors causes delays and can be dangerous”
Creative deleted: “blocking the doors causes delays and can anger us”

See what they did there? Way more amusing than keying windows IMHO.

Other ‘classics’:

[CityRail – this is definitely a classic as pretty much every train has this one]
Original message: “At night travel near the guards compartment marked with a blue light”
Creative deleted: “At night rave near the guards compartment naked with a blue light”

[Sydney bus]
Original message: “Please give up this seat for elderly or disabled passengers”
Creative deleted: “Please eat elderly disabled passengers”

[London bus]
Original message: “This area is reserved for elderly, disabled or pregnant passengers or those in a wheelchair”
Creative deleted: “This area is reserved for elderly disabled pregnant passengers in a wheelchair”

There’s also creative adding, which isn’t quite as clever (for example No Parking easily becomes No Barking).

Anyone got any more examples?

Altered Sign