August 15, 2007

One thing I definitely don’t miss about living in the UK are the large number of ‘chavs‘. These Elizabeth Duke blinging, cap-wearing, burberry tracksuited, ASBO flouting, hooded fools make life a misery for the general populous of most English towns.

I was particularly pleased, therefore, to see the creativity and ingenuity of a group of Scottish schoolkids, who have made a chav-hunting video spoof.

Of course, a lot of people are up-in-arms about it. I can see purple haired old ladies and tree-loving liberals getting out the green pens and looking up newspaper editor’s addresses as we speak.

I think it’s hilarious. Well done kids 🙂

Video has been pulled from YouTube, but I’m sure it’s pretty easy to find.


[edit: if you were wondering just how chavatated the UK is, check this out]