One thing I definitely don’t miss about living in the UK are the large number of ‘chavs‘. These Elizabeth Duke blinging, cap-wearing, burberry tracksuited, ASBO flouting, hooded fools make life a misery for the general populous of most English towns.

I was particularly pleased, therefore, to see the creativity and ingenuity of a group of Scottish schoolkids, who have made a chav-hunting video spoof.

Of course, a lot of people are up-in-arms about it. I can see purple haired old ladies and tree-loving liberals getting out the green pens and looking up newspaper editor’s addresses as we speak.

I think it’s hilarious. Well done kids 🙂

Video has been pulled from YouTube, but I’m sure it’s pretty easy to find.


[edit: if you were wondering just how chavatated the UK is, check this out]

24 Responses to Chavtastic

  1. Kill says:

    i think chavs should be killed

  2. yeah im a chavette and also im in a chav gang called the poppergang and have u got a fuckin prooblem wiv it

  3. thursdayclub says:

    I rest my case your honour …

  4. laura says:

    oryt lads u in the grey trackies u bird :p

  5. Eyup Tha Lad In the grey trackys Gawjus inih :Px

  6. Frankiie says:

    BOO! u lot sooooo fit! wow! if i was a boi i wud get a bona….lol…….love u lots babiiez!!!!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  7. […] stories never really sat happily with the quirky stuff, and whilst I enjoyed having a rant about chavs and dodgy taxis, I was really keen to introduce some quality ’serious’ […]

  8. heather says:

    look im a chav n so r all ma mates!!

    n u relly shud leave us alone or we’ll bash u up!!


  9. Bob bobble says:

    My toilet needs cleaning. When are you available?

    January 9, 2008 at 3:07 am

    yeah im a chavette and also im in a chav gang called the poppergang and have u got a fuckin prooblem wiv it

  10. burman says:

    Listen, innocent people getting knifed, children, parents etc. gangs with guns. Every fucking time without fail its these fucking chavs who are carrying out the crimes. So it’s not cool to be chav, because you are regarded as vile hate filled, intellectually inert and a retarded form of humankind

  11. everyone to there own 😉 chavs are colourful people who live life to the full.. 🙂

  12. Lucy-who-hates-chavs says:

    God chavs are the worst thing EVER…they make me embarraesed to be a teenager! I’m 15 but i am NOTHING like them…god they think its cool to look ugly in all that make-up..sum1 buy them a trowel

    and stop them from spitting PLEASE eewwww

  13. lozeby says:

    lisen up mush u got a problem its your problem not ares but i no for a fact you wunt say shit to are face coz ulle get fuked up so wat mouth n leave us to it yek get a life we run the streets n thats that in a bizzle mate

  14. Lord says:

    Dude…Shut up, I tell you all most the time and you soil your self

  15. Tiffy :) says:

    Haa you chavvies that have left comments are just proving the point that chavs are losers.

    January 9, 2008 at 3:07 am

    yeah im a chavette and also im in a chav gang called the poppergang and have u got a fuckin prooblem wiv it

    Lmao, gang? What gang is called the poppergang ? Loseerss. Get jobs 🙂
    -and no, going down to the benifets centre is not a job..

  16. alex says:

    what the fuck you little chavs are scum. u cant even string a sentence together you illeterate little fucks hahaha im 16 and would hate to be called a chav, you fight in packs you little shits and your all wasters! get a job and stop bumming about before you turn gay and start being rentboys for money! you, your kids and your grandkids have no fututre so throw yourself in front of a lorry now and save US the state benefit money for something else … oh and by the way the ‘poppergang’ suck they really are wankers and pussios, wasters who are just little wanna’bes

  17. kailey kingman says:

    all ov u are so fit luv u all xxx

  18. Sarah says:

    Who the fuk is dat alex lad callin you all bums and that the lil cock most me mates are chavs and i wouldnt change em for da world btw your all fit as fuk! X x

  19. mcc says:

    der ait nuffin wrong wid bien a chav u lot r just jelous

  20. CHLOE says:

    yeh boi big shout owt 2 da boyz in da picture dey frm my endz of newbury aaron, dean, ryan k nd tom luv yaxxxxx

  21. cj says:

    yeh boi big shout 2 da boyz in da pic above reppin it frm ma endz ma m8s aaron, dean,tom nd ryan k luv yaxxxx

  22. smalzie says:

    yeh boi big up da boyz in da photo i no em big shout owt to aaron, dean, tom and ryan k reppin r endz dnt cum nd act lke r friends dat 4 al u chav haters!!!! xxxxxxxxxx

  23. smalzie says:

    big shout owt 2 all da boys in da picture big shout owt to them my mates aaron, dean, tom and ryan k luv ya all xxxxxxxxxxx

  24. Mackenzie - says:

    someone said something about people getting stabbed and shot but thats by thugs, not chavs, there’s a difference. Chavs hang around on street corners, thugs dont

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