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Ok, I am back! Family packed off back to the UK, I now have slightly more time available. I think it was actually a pretty good effort for my 80something year-old grandparents to make the trip from England to Australia. It’s a bloody long way at any age!

We did, of course, spend a lot of time at Sydney’s tourist spots, which was actually quite a nice way to re-engage with the city. Living in any place you tend to get a little blase about its attractions so it was good to get out on the ferries, visit the beaches and do the things that in my ‘normal’ life I’d stopped doing.

Anyway, I think they were glad to have made the long trip too – I don’t think they believed that at that age they would travel to the other side of the world. My Grandad even bought a Sydney cap and a boomerang 🙂

More soon.

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