Creative Deleting

They say that simple things please simple minds, which is probably why I am always amused to see creative deleting on warning notices, public signs etc.

Creative deleting? Let me give you an example:

[spotted on the London Underground]
Original message: “blocking the doors causes delays and can be dangerous”
Creative deleted: “blocking the doors causes delays and can anger us”

See what they did there? Way more amusing than keying windows IMHO.

Other ‘classics’:

[CityRail – this is definitely a classic as pretty much every train has this one]
Original message: “At night travel near the guards compartment marked with a blue light”
Creative deleted: “At night rave near the guards compartment naked with a blue light”

[Sydney bus]
Original message: “Please give up this seat for elderly or disabled passengers”
Creative deleted: “Please eat elderly disabled passengers”

[London bus]
Original message: “This area is reserved for elderly, disabled or pregnant passengers or those in a wheelchair”
Creative deleted: “This area is reserved for elderly disabled pregnant passengers in a wheelchair”

There’s also creative adding, which isn’t quite as clever (for example No Parking easily becomes No Barking).

Anyone got any more examples?

Altered Sign

One Response to Creative Deleting

  1. Yes, it is very funny, should do an article with funny annoucements, such as “ladies and gentlemen welcome to the Waterloo and City line this train is for Wateloo, with luck we might all go to Calais!” or “to the gentleman wearing the long beige coat trying to get on the second carriage, what part of ‘stand clear of the doors’ don’t you understand?” (London Underground)!

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