What’s in a name?

Just received an email entitled ‘Daniel is a proud father’ for one of the staff here whose wife has just given birth. Jolly good for them. But on reading further they seem to have both been whacked out on the old laughing gas and named their latest addition ‘Jayclynn’.

I’m not sure when this trend started, but why have we started naming our kids in the style of Web 2.0 companies?

Don’t the parents realise that they have doomed their offspring to a life of constantly spelling out their own names to Indian call centres?

“Raj: So, Ms Smith, your first name is Zoe? Z. O. E?

Client: No, no it’s spelt S. T. Z. O .E. E

Raj: Gor blimey, luv-a-duck governor”

I can see the school registers of the future now: Peeterr, Aydreean, Porl (Beta) and Dugg

I’m not sure if this is better or worse, but I also noticed in the newspaper at the weekend that the Ford family of Western Sydney had named their newborn son, yes you guessed it, Harrison….

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